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Gained Weight During Diet, Binged and Gained 17 Pounds in 9 Days


Just like the title says…I had a long time off lifting prior to starting this diet…just a lot of eating and had not done anything but short in and outs with a lot of cardio and my physique looked awful…did a 14 week diet and at my best I looked better than I ever had and was actually heavier…I started experimenting with carb cycling towards the end…had a refeed day with 10 thousand, yes ten thousand, calories and decided to end my cut there because I was sick of wasting time not growing…that was last friday…here’s me this morning weighing 17 pounds morning weight heavier and much fuller 9 days later. Needless to say I believe my body has simply absorbed everything so I’m continuing to take advantage of it for now…if I gain ten more pounds I’ll mini cut before bulking into the winter months. Anyways, yes binging happens and it’s awful.


I do morning cardio every day with 12.5mg yohimbine and 1.5 grams l-carnitine and my cardio intensity cycles depending on my training day. I do traditional strength programming followed by regular hypertrophy work 4 day split consiting of upper/lower days revolved around bench, ohp, squat, dl and one day where I focus on accesory compounds like incline bench lat pull downs, etc… I’m relatively strong. bench 315 for a few reps, deadlift mid 400s, no idea what my back squat is but I can front squat at least 275. I have been eating between 3500-5000 calories a day for about a week since that refeed and feel great…pumps are tremendous, I take glycolog with my first meal which is immediately after fasted cardio before training roughly 150 carbs usually…like I said, ten more pounds and I’ll do a mini cut before going into a slow “off-season” type regimen where Ill still be cycling calories, cardio, training, etc. but keep things a little more regimented. I’m considering this a break in terms of my diet after being anal for 14 weeks.


uhhhh… do you get bitches with them snapchat posts? I don’t really know what’s supposed to happen here.


haha. sorry If it seemed weird. I only use snapchat so I can take down the morning weight with the pictures. I don’t send these to anyone, just use them to monitor daily changes. I have really considered competing in physique a few years down the road…not for any other reason to be a top competitor because I see a lot of people posting about the same in here and quite frankly I think I look way better and even still have no immediate goals for competing. Was simply looking for feedback on my proportions that are visible and thinks I should potentially work on.


Your legs look neglected.