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Gained Nine Pounds of What?


I'm 6ft ish, 36 years old, I started lifting the beginning of November after years of not and went right back into a PL style workout below because I always preferred big compound movement (when I lifted like crazy in my 20's). I have been a little active through bbj but I am a fat guy with a big frame to begin with.

Deadlift 4 x 5
Squat - 4x 5
Incline Bench Press 4x5
Dumbbell Row 4x5
Dips 4x5

I increase the weights building towards failure on the last rep of the last set and being very careful about form. I feel great and went from struggling with 5 x135lb DL to maxing out at 3x 285lbs.

But My weight on 11/16 was 311 lbs and today I am lingering around 320 lbs. I have been very careful about what I am eating and really not eating anymore or anything different than before (if anything actually eating more controlled portions and staying away from sweets) My weights have gone up alot, but I expected a "new guy growth spurt" but did I gain 9 lbs of muscle in a less than a month?


Rebuilding old strength can go quite quickly if you do it right. How strong were you in your 20's?

Taking your deadlift from 135 to 285 in a month is really good and suggests you're getting back up to your old level, but since there's so much fat covering your muscles, there's just no way to check.

Also, walking around with 300 lb bodyweight will build muscle by itself. Has your upper body lifts jumped as well?

Were you thinking of trimming up at some point?


Lol, The trimming is comming but I figured with the holidays I might as well lift and get the muscles working and use the overeating to grow instead of fighting it.

in my 20's I was working towards a 400 lbs pull and squat (I think I maxed at 395). I've always been a strong, but heavy kid. The football coach in highschool used to follow me around trying to get me in his defensive line. My bench has always been weak because of a shoulder injury but all my lifts are getting bigger, so I am growing. I just didn't think I'd see results on the scale so quickly.

As far as carrying 300 lbs around all day, I am built for it. In highscool as a freshman (at 14 year old) I was 195 lbs wrestling in the super heavy weight class. The next year I was 4 inches taller and 230lbs wearing size 36 jeans loose. I didn't start lifting until after highschool. I have good genes for strength, I just wont be running a marathon with a fulltime trainer and a gun to my head.


I doubt you gained 9lbs of muscle in a month. Infact I'm certain of it, but there are lots of reasons why body weight swings and at 300+ a nine pound swing is still inside a statistical margin of error.

Depening on what I ate, digestve issues and fluid intake my body weight can swing by 5-6lb at a 197 average body weight.

Even if you were chemically enhanced I doubt you could add nine pounds of muscle in less than a month.

is your weighing regular? As in the same time every day, same scale every day, and is the sale on the same spot every day? many scales can give you wide swings merely by floor placement.


I know the scale issues, and double checked with the gym scale. I wiegh pretty evenly daily. The detail I that I meant to include before is my suit that was the closest tailored before still fits the same. I dont think I packed on that much muscle either, but I do see a differnce in my arms and what I can lift.