Gained Almost 7kg. How Much Muscle?

33 year old beginner

Hi Guys and greetings from Denmark . Ive started training back in october 2018 , and thought i would show u my progress so far. :slight_smile: … atm i eat about 4500kcal for lean bulking.

… i was wondering any realistic guess about how much muscle is gained ?

Not really possible to say with any accuracy .

the 2 pictures are COMPLETELY different lighting. Impossible to tell. You clearly put on fat, and if I HAD to guess, I’d say about half of the weight you gained was fat. So, not too bad.

Can’t say either but that’s some nice result you got here! Good job! Keep the good work

Thanks alot! .

That sounds like the answer i was about to think myself. any clue about my BF % … 15 maybe ?

I’ve always gained about 50/50 fat/muscle when doing a serious bulk.

Probably varies per individual depending on training age and rate of weight gain but might give you a general idea

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