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Gained 20kg in 5 Months. Help Me Get Shredded



I’m Currenty 85 Kgs. I started gym 5 months back with 65kgs. I gained 20Kgs in 5 months. I started eating more and I’m taking a gainer supplement. But now i feel that there is an excess of fat in my body. I have a annoying Belly and a pointy chest. I wanted to know the best way to cut down the fat and get shredded. Should i keep eating more? Should I change my workout Plans? Can anyone suggest the best way to remove the excess fat from my body and get shredded.



The weight gainer is most likely packed with sugar. Clean up your diet and do some cardio a mix of steady state aerobic exercise and intervals of whatever you enjoy doing.


I’d crunch some #s and figure out what your maintenance should be. Sticking with that, I guarantee a decent training program will allow you to lose fat while adding lbm in the process



How do you find your maintainence? I find the calculators to be very vague and also people say its inaccurate


Pick a starting point then adjust your food until your weight stabilizes.