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Gained 12kg in 4 Months. Keep Bulking or Cut?

hi guys
my height : 171 cm
my weight :74 kg

when i start bulking i was 62 kg and after about 4 month im 74 so should i keep going with my bulk or not?

You should do whichever moves you closer to your goal.

What is your goal?


become bigger and stronger :smile:

Cutting will get you closer to neither of those. So… there’s your answer. You’re not exactly overflowing with rolls of fat, so I don’t know why cutting would even be an option. As long as your strength is increasing along with your bodyweight, you’re on track.

Also, sorry for the math error on the title. Sometimes I not brain work very gooder.


Then I would continue to train hard and eat plenty of good food then.

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thanks guys
i keep bulking to reach 85/90 kg and then I start cutting
I really need muscle not six pack with only bones :smiley:


Or, you could not get lost in the bulk/cut mindset and understand that it is possible to slowly gain muscle without fat, and that gaining a bunch of fat while you gain muscle and then cutting said fat afterwards will yield the same results in a similar timeframe, so you could just develop a long term plan to be continually bigger and stronger.

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