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Gained 1.5 lb of Water Weight from Showering?

Just noticed a strange effect today after showering. I woke up and noticed that my muscles were considerably smaller than when I had gone to sleep. I attributed this to a loss of water (right now my body is in a water flushing stage).

So, after drinking a bottle of water I weighed 210.8 lb. Then after taking a shower, I weighed 212.4lb. Is this possible or do I need a new scale. Also, I noticed that my muscles regained their “fullness” after the shower. Normally, if anything, I’ll lose maybe .2 lb of water weight from sweating in the shower; so, this is a new reaction for me. By the way, I have creatine in my stack right now if that makes a difference.

I’ve had a coach tell me not to shower the morning before a weigh in, as it can make me hold more water, but I figured he was just a crazy old man. Interesting to see he may not just be insane.

Yeah, I thought I was reading the scale wrong too, but I weighed myself twice before and twice after. So unless I’m getting delirious…

Well, seeing as water can be excreted transdermally(sweat), it makes since it works both ways.


[quote]Vicomte wrote:
Well, seeing as water can be excreted transdermally(sweat), it makes since it works both ways.


Well, what the fuck do you think plants do

Do you think we can only perspire??? We can transpire too you nutcase.

But, suprised your muscles look more full, I don’t feel like i get this

The power of osmosis…

Your skin absorbs water. When you shower for a period of time you soak it up like a sponge. You are not a hunk of metal, you do take in a good amount of water when swimming or just taking a shower.

Also, the heat in the shower will also get your blood flowing, thus get your muscles a little larger. In the morning you have been dehydrating for 8 or so good hours, no food in you. You’re going to feel smaller, muscles will be flatter, once you shower get everything flowing you will be more fuller along with the water your body takes in.