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Gain Tone while Gaining Mass?


i was wondering if i could change my diet alil (3000 calories per day, my body weight worth of protien) could i still build but be able to tone off fat

im not extremely fat or anything along those lines, just rather be able to have better looking muscles
i do have footy season on so im expecting to get fitter/toner but was wondering on ur person preference on what u do to tone out but no lose muscle


try improving you squat/dead/bench by 100lbs, then see if you have pretty muscles


What he said


One year I gained 3 or 4 tones, but that's about the best I've ever really been able to do.


If you stay at maintenance calories, yeah, you can change your body comp over time (muscle/fat ratio) as long as you keep the intensity up. You won't be building any new mass though.




yea bra, but make sure you stick to light weights and very high reps (like sets of 50). That's really the only way to gain the tones and the muscles. Shit dude, if you're one of those hardcore lifters you can knock out your resistance training AND cardio at the same time...just bring the db's onto the treadmill with you while overhead pressing.


I dont think this is true for anyone except the morbidly obese who is brand new to lifting.

Im not going to get into the science but its pretty standard info that fat doesnt turn to muscle (and vice versa) and that muscle cant be built without a surplus of energy present.

If what you said was true, then no one (especially bodybuilders who employ perfect nutritional strategies) would ever have to cut calories to get lean. Theyd simply stay at maintenance and just lift harder and harder and watch themselves go from 10% bodyfat to 3% bodyfat without changing their scale weight.

It doesnt work like that.


What's your opinion on g-flux?


Ive heard of it but never cared to look into it. I dont have the time or patience to make this stuff any more complicated than it needs to be. I just eat the right amount of the right foods and eat a lot around my workouts. Luckily Ive never needed to do anything more drastic than that to see result.s


I was referring to body comp, not getting ripped. I pick set points, usually a 10lb gain...then i "refine" it by sitting at that weight for a month or two before trying to gain again. So i'll be sitting at a new maintenance for calories, while solidifying my gains and staying the same weight. Which is where my statement came from.

And for me, i can get down to visible abs if i stay at said weight long enough (muscle/fat ratio). Not ripped, but just looking nice and full with some leanness with some bicep vascularity and delt definition (back definition too).

That should make more sense. Either way, i'm confident i can always get back down to visible abs with decent muscular definition by chiseling out what i already have without losing weight...it just takes a couple months.


Fixed. Sheesh you guys gotta be more careful with the advice you give out!


Is it really that simple?


Here's a simple rule of thumb - you cannot gain more than 1 pound of muscle a month under 'natural' conditions. You cannot lose more than 2 pounds of weight in a week without losing muscle too, under 'natural' conditions. Answer? Be prepared to lose fat very slowly if you want to maintain or increase muscle mass at the same time...oops, I'm 'giving advice' again. I must 'forget everything I think I know'.


Forget you read this. Reps in this range is aerobic not anaerobic exercise. All this will do is increase your slow twitch muscle endurance and burn fat(and muscle if you do it for long enough).


You're a retard


Perhaps. What's that got to do with what I saidt? If you think I'm wrong explain why.


The thing that's wrong with what you said is that you JUST started. Yet you already know how much muscle you can gain and how much fat you can lose? How would you know this if you just started?

Anybody can regurgitate information. Maybe throw something out there when you have personal experience with how much muscle you can gain and how much fat you can lose.


Here's my source for my 'rule of thumb' claim. It is a video by the co-runner of Scoobysworkshop:


'The thing that's wrong with what you said is that you JUST started. Yet you already know how much muscle you can gain and how much fat you can lose?'

Actually I know how much muscle and fat ANYONE can gain or lose. And so would you if you had done the research I have done and if you also possessed the capacity to critically evaluate information.

'Anybody can regurgitate information.'

I don't regurgitate information. I check and read sources. I also do something that I have found very few people are able to do for some reason. I see whether the conclusions drawn from a study are sound. Often they aren't because the pseudo-academic/researcher who conducted the study doesn't even have a basic understanding of cause and effect. i.e. control group A ate dog poo and gained x amount more muscle than control group B therefore dog poo is an anabolic muscle building agent.

I had this problem at High School with muscle bound jocks who thought they knew everything about human physiology because they pumped iron. Whilst many of them failed the biology physiology exam, I scored top marks. I also found that muscle bound jocks often fell into a deep sleep as a result of my sly left-hook. This was the only way I was able to teach them to show some respect for people who have brains instead of brawn and co-ordination/technique instead of giant sarcoplasmic muscles and roid-shivelled balls.

But, since I am a newcomer here I will abide by your suggestion and no longer answer other nubes' questions nor offer advice on things I have not personally experienced. I will leave the advice to level 3 members like jskrabac who suggested to a nube that he lift in the 50 reps zone to 'tone muscle(whatever that means)'. Ciao.