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Gain Strength Without Mass?

I am not interested in weigth gain and I am looking for a good programm to increase my power and strenght! I have done some reasearch and this is my first programm for that goal. Please judge the programm, add tips or give me alternative programms.
Thanxs T-nation.

The programm:
Complex sets
Max Effort 1-3 reps
Benchpress varriation (Westside varriations for the Bench)
3min rest
Dynamic Effort Bench 3reps
Rotating 50% 55% 60%

3minutes rest
5 Complexsets

Dips with weigth belt
2 sets of 15- 25 reps (no failure) weight increases if 25 reps are done

Rows(no failure)
2sets of 15-25 reps
shoulder rotation 1-2 sets

Maxeffort 1-3
Leg movment( Snatch gripp deadlift , deep squats , normal squat, Deadlift…)
3 min reps
Dynamic 2 reps

3min rest
5 complexes

One leg Bulgarian splitsquats 1 set 15-25 reps

Stiffleg deadlift 1set 15-25 reps

Core work

Complex sets
Maxeffort Chin up variation 1-3 reps
3min rest
Dynamic Pull downs 3 reps
3min rest

5 complexes

Dips and Rows and Shoulder rotation like Monday

do only singles on the big three, and maybe like 2-3 reps on other lifts like i do for MMA, where excess muscle is the enemy.

Don’t mix max effort lifting and dynamic effort lifting on the same day. It confuses your nervous system.

That’s one of the silliest things I’ve ever heard.

Also, relative strength athletes should still incorporate some higher rep brackets and longer eccentrics strategically in each training cycle. I outlined reasons why in my “5 Relative Strength Myths” article.

[quote]jtrinsey wrote:
Don’t mix max effort lifting and dynamic effort lifting on the same day. It confuses your nervous system.[/quote]

Have you considered incorporating any of the Olympic lifts into your program? For power and strength, I put them near or at the top of the list. And don’t forget pull-ups in addition to rowing. :slight_smile:


Like already mentioned, heavy singles, doubles, and triples. I’d even suggest (gasp) some of pavel’s stuff like GTG for some synaptic facilitation. Some mass gain (with the loss of body fat to “balance” out your weight) is good, don’t be afraid of it!

I would consider using more than 3 minutes rest between sets, like 5 minutes. 2 x 12-25 reps for dips and rows seems like alot of volume for your goal. But I am no expert in this field so experiment. Good luck.

use any non-stupid general strength routine, and eat less.