Gain Muscle Without Fat?

I read on here that it isnt possible without steriods and such to gain muscle without also gaining fat. Under those cercumstances im in trouble because i have a supper fast matabolism, so therefore even if i tryed i would only gain a small amount of fat…I have been working out at a high level for about 6 months and have gained about 4 pounds, but am at like 7%bf…This seems like a very slow gain in muscle. Im getting in alot of protien powder and stuff too so i dont really see why im not gaining. So that quote struck me because that would meen that i would have to gain fat to gain muscle…im so confused

i want to gain 10 pounds of muscle for football over the summer and have every day free to do it. I will also be aided by Surge, Power Drive and Grow!. Is that a reasonable goal?

As a beginner it is quite possible to both gain muscle and lose fat. As you advance in training, this gets more difficult to do.

Not to worry.

You might not be gaining that much because you are too worried about your “ABS!!!”

Seek Massive Eating Reloaded and you’ve found yourself a ticket to your goals.

How old are you?

im just turning 16, but am very sports minded…

at that age you’re body is most likely a metabolic furnace, especially if you’re playing a lot of sports and workin out.

You oughta read up on “Massive Eating” parts 1 and 2 and “Massive Eating Reloaded” this should probably help you realize how much you’re actually eating now, and how much more you should be eating.

Once you get the nutrition/diet down right have fun growin like a weed

Do you keep a food log?

If not, start doing it.

What do you eat all day long? You’re probably not getting enough calories to gain.

What training program are you following? Are you allowing adequate rest and recovery so your body will grow??