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Gain Muscle, Lose My Gut

Hey guys, i need some help cause im confused…

Basically, i’m 5’7 at 171lb. I used to be very overweight and over the last year or so ive lost about 40kg…Now i want to be gain muscle, ‘i think you no what image i want’…I still have a gut, and i really want to at least get it to a reasonable look cause at the moment its still folds…So please help, im currently doing a six day split:
Sunday - Cardio/Abs
Monday - Chest/Back
Tuesday - Cardio/Abs
Wednesday - Shoulders/Tri’s/Bi’s
Thursday - Cardio
Friday - Legs

I think my maintanance is about 1700k-1800k.I am eating clean.
My aim is to loose my gut and gain muscle…How should my training be? and how should i eat to do this…

Have you been working out while you were losing weight? What’s your experience level in the gym?

Well ive been at the gym for little over year a half of which was mainly cardio and little weighlifting work…Ive have been concentrating on lifting for about 10months now and i have noticed physical differences. I believe my expierence at the gym is quite well above standard, if your talking knowing how to use the equipment…
Currently im focusing on benching, deadlifting, squating, pull-ups, chin-ups, rows…