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Gain Muscle, Lose Fat?


Does anyone know how this is possible. I see so many scientific approaches to dieting and training on this site, but I rarely see someone trying to tackle this. Maybe I just missed the article where one of the trainers tries to explain it.

I know to gain muscle you need a caloric surpless, and to lose fat you need the opposite. So how is it possible that some people claim to lose BF% and gain muscle(barring those few who haven't worked out since the fall of communism). We know it's possible because I've read about people doing just that.

I know some people attempt to bulk for a couple days and then cut a couple days, or bulk on lifting days and go caloric restriction on cardio days. But the problem is the body doesn't repair itself overnight, so I don't think that has the possibility to yield the gains we see from some members. Any ideas?

I don't plan on attempting anything like this seeing as I have never seen the gains that I get from a clean bulk for 6 months and then a few weeks of dieting...I'm just curious I guess.


Its my understanding that gym beginners can do this, maybe because the body requisitions stored fat and uses it for muscle.

Otherwise, this is basically impossible (is my understanding).

There's a lot of literature here that talks about getting over "being big" while putting on size. It seems that gaining fat while getting HYUUUUUUGE is a fact of life, unless you clean bulk.


I tried the gain muscle and lose fat approach and it got me nowhere. I made marginal gains in strength and my body fat didn't change much. I've given up on that approach and I'm now trying to bulk and build up my muscles.

You should at least try it and see if it gets you anywhere. Maybe you have really special genes or something...shrug. All I know is that it didn't work for me.