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Gain Muscle and Lose Stomach Fat


I'm 49yrs old about this time last year I was at 165lbs I started going to the gym when I started I could bench about a 150lbs, now I'm up to 205lbs 4 times. I was drinking protein shakes before and after workouts, and taking Megamen vitamins. I'm at 221lbs now and I've put on muscle, but I have a gut that I seriously need to get rid of. What is the best way to get rid of the gut and put on about 10 to 15 more pounds of muscle? I'm not a big eater, mostly chicken, fish, tuna and turkey. What's a good workout to accomplish my goals?

I want bigger arms and chest, should I focus on the bench press more or are dumbells better. I don't know a lot about routines and whatnots so I need some advice from you seasoned veterans. I'm generally in the gym 4 times a week. How much Cardio should I be doing? Ok you know my goals so if you be so kind as to give me a daily routine to get there I would appreciate that very much.


There was a pretty good article in men's health about this , lose your gut bigger arms and chest in 30 days I would try to find that.


Congrats on the increase in bench strength--that's a big jump. Now let's crunch some numbers. In your zeal to get stronger, you've packed on a LOT of excess fat. Even if we generously assume you gained 15# of muscle last year, which would be a phenomenal accomplishment for a 48 y.o. (assuming you didn't take steroids), it still means that about 40# of your weight gain was fat.

If you diet hard, you can average about a pound/week over the course of a long cut. This means you are looking at 35-40 weeks running a significant caloric deficit to get this excess off. Unfortunately, a significant caloric deficit such as this all but precludes the gaining of muscle mass (and may lead to some muscle loss).

As for gaining another 10-15# of muscle, that will take a natural lifter at least 3-4 years of dedicated lifting with strict adherence to sound dietary principles--assuming you want to accomplish it 1) without steroids, and 2) without gaining yet another 40# of fat. OTOH, if you keep pounding the food, you could conceivably gain this muscle in a couple of years.

As I see it, you have three options:
1) Rapid (ie, 35-40 weeks) fat loss. Upside: Rapid fat loss. Downside: Will not gain any muscle during this time, and may even lose some.
2) Rapid (1-2 year) muscle gain. Upside: Further big jumps in strength/size. Downside: Gaining another 40# (or more) of flab.
3) Re-comp (ie, exercise/diet plan for slow weight loss + a little muscle/strength gain). Upside: Will eventually get you where you want to be. Downside: Can be frustrating, as both weight loss and strength gains occur at a slower rate than they would under Option 1 or 2.

Which option is best is obviously a matter of personal opinion/goals. Whichever approach you choose, there are a number of posters here who will be happy to help you work out the details.

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LOL - ass. Funny but unhelpful.

To the OP, there are about a billion articles on here between the "bigger arms/chest" and "gut loss" requests.

Here area couple of each:



Point is - there are a lot of 'em and you should probably find one that you want to try and try it.


Pretty much, I know I'm not the most experienced or knowledgeable person on here, but I also know there is a ton of information on this site of you just take the time to read and research. Instead its easier to just say hey i lifted weights for a period of time got bigger stronger and fat give me a program for posting this.