Gain muscle and lose fat simultaneously

I havent been able to lift in the past 8 weeks. ive heard that, after long layoffs, it is possible to gain muscle and simultaneously lose fat as a newbie would. im curious as to what type of diet/supplementation/lifting program would best achieve this. that is, would i need to make any changes to my massive eating caloric intake (which i calculated to be about 3800 cals). should i increase the frequency or duration of the cardio (im leaning towards increasing the frequency to 5/6 days per week @ 30 mins per day)?? im also planning on using ribose-c. ive ruled out md-6, yet am considering t-2. any suggestions??

please dont flame me for this post and tell me that i should read the back issues. ive done that. ive also used all the supps ive please dont ask me if i know what they are supposed to do. i know the board gets posts like this everyday, but these are usually from newbies. i realize that my post isnt that much different, but im having a hard time designing a program to meet my goals. that is, ive ALWAYS been told that it is impossible to gain fat and lose muscle at the same time. only recently have i heard about the idea which ive mentioned above. that is, i have no idea how to manipulate my training and dietary variables to achieve something which ive always believed to be impossible. can anybody help me out?? it would be greatly appreciated.

I have a question about your program. Are you trying to increase your total body weight by losing fat and gaining muscle or decrease total body weight or stay the same?
Some rules you might consider. You should eat at least 5 times a day. What kind of ratio are you considering? 1fat 2 protein 3 carb? Do you eat for what you are about to do or what you just did? and you cant lose fat quickly unless you are on a calorie deficit.
Let me know
Greg Gonzales

If you can pull it off Massive Eating would be the way to go!

thanks for the response greg! ill try and answer some of your questions. i am trying to gain weight by adding muscle. i plan to eat at least 6 (possibly 7) meals per day. i consider myself to have an above-average insulin sensitivity and was thus going to try a 50c/35p/15f diet. your last question pretty much sums up my original post. that is, ive always thought that fat loss is only achievable with a caloric deficit. recently however, ive heard that after a prolonged break from training, it is possible to gain muscle and lose fat like you did in your first 6 months of training as a newbie. i guess another question is this: is 8 weeks enough to allow for this possibility?? more importantly though, is it even possible to do this while following a massive eating protocol?? thanks for the help.

I would suggest for 4-5 days of each week, including your training days, try adding 2 calories per pound or LEAN body weight to your normal daily caloric intake. Try to spread these calories among the 6-7 meals during the day. Then for the remaining 2-3 days reduce your caloric intake by 2 calories per pound of bodyweight. Same thing here do this over the meals you are eating not all at one sitting. As your muscle mass goes up you will have to adjust your calories the reflect the new needs of your increased muscle mass.
Just a suggestion you might consider. It is always nice to have more than one option to do something.
Greg Gonzales

Hey Greg, that sounds like the ISSA nutrition stuff, yes? One thing to keep in mind when you are eating forward is the post workout demand for recovery and to initiate anabolic reactions. Some I have talked to that read Doc Squat, misinterpreted the info and don’t reload after working out because they say they ate a bigger pre-workout meal. Just an observation in general, not specifically anything you said.

Jeff you got it. ISSA.
I have used the diet before and was successful with it. But I really didnt start training seriously until I began this diet for about two months. I had lifted for about 4 years before this but nothing very structured. So who is to say that I wasnt just seeing the beginner gains. Just thought I would pass it on. Like I said its nice to have options to try instead of saying “this is the only way”
Greg Gonzales