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Gain mass with fat

Hello everyone. I’m pretty new to this forum… and training in general. Just have one question. I’m trying to put some weight on (yes, I’m counting calories)… but I always seem to get fat when I up my carbo intake. Even when I keep it clean (oats, veggies)… is it possible to gain lean mass if I upped my fat intake with flax and fish oil? I need some carbs when I wake up… so if I eat some oatmeal/cottage cheese for breakfast… then big P&F meals up until I train. Then 2 decent P&C meals after training… and cottage cheese/flax/fish oil before bed. I guess what I’m really asking… if the calories are clean, whether they’re good fats or good carbs… will I gain muscle? Or will I have to just deal with getting fat and keep carbin’ it up? Thanks everyone!

Im taking a similar approach right now for the summer. Im trying to put a little mass on with only about 100 carbs a day, breakfast and workout. I still keep my calories high though 3500 or so. I don’t think it will be as good as a high carb diet, but I know I will avoid the fat gain. Good luck

Cool… hows it goin’ so far, dude? How are you getting all of your fats? I’m taking a tbsp. of flax and 10 fish oils w/ every P&F meal. I’m actually eating veggies w/ my P&F too… so I guess it’s not exactly massive eating guidelines… My carbs are actually at about 200-225… and I try to have those down by about 2:30-3:00 every day. Let me know how it works out for ya dude… anyone else have any thoughts?

   Going good so far, Ive read so much lately about how allot of people are making good gains with minimal carbs, so I figured I give it a shot too. It is going good so far, Ive been doing it with Mag-10, I know, I know, my results wont be as good.... But IM still up a couple of pounds over the past week, and I know Ive lost some water too with the higher fat intake, so a few pounds of pure muscle is fine by me. I guess one would have to asses their particular goals, and like I said staying lean and gaining any muscle would be great, so IM enthusiastic about it. I get my fat through flax, olive oil and fish capsules as well along with some animal fats in my beef, chicken and salmon throughout the day. 50 carbs for breakfast, a surge type drink split between during and after workout, and lifts are still the same if not improving. The Don Alessi  article this week really exited me to know that Poliquin was advocating keto type diets now too for some of his athletes. If some of these world famous strength coaches are going with it, I guess it must work. I could keep mine around 250 without gaining fat too, but it would be allot harder for me to get any leaner with that amount. I respond much better to 100 grams or less for fat loss, or maintaining very low levels BF. Good luck


I do this also. I feel like shit on too many carbs so i restrict them to when i need them the most. Lately i’ve been taking 300 gr a day, 100 at breakfast30 at lunch and the rest in my pre\post workout shake and following meal, so i get most of them after workout.