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Gain Mass or Continue Cutting?

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
I’m not even talking about the high levels of T right now, I’m talking about how you don’t have enough muscle mass worth showing on a cut right now.
Unless you want to look like Bruce Lee, I don’t see the point.[/quote]


Life’s too short to be small. (ripped or not)

[quote]traineee wrote:
I know what is on most of your minds. Take advantage of the naturally high T levels right now, gain lots and lots of mass, cut later. I respect your point of views, totally. Actually I would like to get down to around 8%, where you can really see deeply-carved abs. Only then I will be satisfied with my efforts, I guess. I’ve come to a conclusion after pondering over it for a while. My priority would be to get ripped, then start gaining the mass. I guess I’ll take probably another 10more weeks and see where I get to. I’m going all out for these 10 weeks. 10/52 weeks in a year, not too much to ask for, eh? Thanks for the input in any case guys. You provided great help.[/quote]

I see very few people (as in none so far) who approach bodybuilding like this and actually end up gaining a lot of muscle. Instead, what we usually see is a lot of dieting down any time they lose an ab…and then, 5 years later, they MAY have gained 5-10lbs of muscle.

This up and down thing does not need to happen. 165 and 5’7" is not THAT small. 15% to 8% BF would put you about 155-157. Just keep the protein at 200 grams and reduce your carbs to 1/2 -2/3rds normal and drink twice the water you normally do. Then you could be 165 and 10% FASTER.

Honestly, I find that like 90% of the time if you’re debating… just bulk.