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gain mass on very low carbs

I know low carbs is great for losing fat, i have done so with great success. But have you had success gaining any significant mass on a very low carb diet?

What was the lowest amount of carbs you took and still managed to gain.

I am asking for the people like me who explode (in the wrong way) when the carb intake goes up.


I total beginner can gain muscle on just about any diet, but not for long. Most will need carbs to gain muscle, unless totally new to resistance training. Just keep that mind - training age will make a difference.

well i’m not a green begginner, but i’m no giant either. Most of the time I have been training I have been on a cutting diet, with small maintainance/bulk diets in between. I think I lost the advantage for that one.

Depends on who you are, I suppose. A friend of mine went on T-dawg for about a month and a half and gained a little LBM. Someone managed to gain pounds on Fat Fast too, somehow. I can’t remember who, though.

Hi, RK. I’m in about the same boat as you; carb and insulin INsensitive. My plan (when I finish cutting and start bulking) is going to be low carbs (<30g/day), two carb refeeds per week (two 100g meals on each of those days) at just above maintenance calories. I’ll have to play with the number. But knowing me, it will have to be slow and controlled growth.

There are a lot of physiological benefits to carb refeeds. It’s worth reading up on. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Good luck to you!!!

I’m not sure if it’s possible to gain “significant” mass on a very low carb diet. John Berardi posted how to get out of keto without blowing up too much on his APPETITE FOR CONSTRUCTION column before. click here for the article. It’s in the middle or so.

Type David Boston diet in the subject search on the forum, or do a search on the forum for the poliquon diet. Many people had good gains using this protocol.

I wouldn’t think so for the most part unless they somehow substituted the loss of calories from carbs with calories from fat. But you never know there are always a few freaks who have the perfect hormone profile to gain on anything. Take a look at the Diet Manefesto on this site. I think the Warrior diet, if that is the right name of the diet I speak of, might interest you. Good luck.

Thanks all.
Looks like a little more reading is required. It is hard to find low carb diet articles that discuss gains, reather than loses, i’ll read the one you all sugest (again) :wink:

Terry, once again you provide great detailed advise. Thanks for your help on other threads. When r u going to post a pic?


BS, thank you! Your kind words are really appreciated.

Things are going exceedingly well. It’s the first time since October that I feel like I’ve got every aspect of my diet (and workout) nailed. I should hit my first goal (to drop my BF%) the end of April. From there I’m going to start seriously into bulking. My plans are to do my bulking phase withg a Myostat & Methoxy combo. As you may or may not know, I’m in the Methoxy Challenge currently. What’s interesting is that I should hit my goal BF% just about the same time I finish the challenge. Talk 'bout timing! (grin) Will post pics, stats, etc., at that time.

RK, when I start into bulking, my diet is not going to change that much due to the fact that I’m so terribly insulin resistent. It’s pretty well accepted that you need carbs to “gain significant mass.” But there are those who do it with low carbs (on a daily basis) and two or three carb refeeds a week. Doing so ensures that most of the weight put on will be LBM. What I’m suggesting goes against the norm and against general trends, but if you’re interested in reading more on the subject, get Rob Faigin’s book, Natural Hormonal Enhancement. Price varies by a few bucks (about $30), so do a search on the 'Net.

Check out Berardi’s “Don’t Diet” Article.

I used Faigin’s “Natural Hormonal Enhancement” (see my reply on Atkins diet), and I lost 2 lbs per week, 15 llbs total, while eating 4,6 meals/day and lifting heavy, setting records in most if not all lifts. Even tho I lost fat, I looked bigger and harder than ever in my life, so the effect to me was pure bodybuilding~being lean yet very muscled. At the age of 47 when I started his plan. I still follow it, yet not as strict, modify anything to your own needs!

ive gained fairly well on the anabolic diet.