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Gain Body Mass


I'm new to this site, and i have read a lot of forums and responses to those forums. It seems like you men/women know how to help someone out.

So to my point, i was wondering if any of you out there could help me or guide me to the right way to gain mass like you see in Muscle and Fitness magazines. I am open to try whatever. I am a college student in northern Nebraska and have plenty of time to spend in the weight room.

If anyone out there can give me some workout ideas or tips on what to do that would be greatly appreciated.

I am currently 6' 4" male, weighing in at 200 lbs. I know my way around the weight room and have been lifting for a couple of years. I would love to get around 235-240 by next summer/fall.

Thanks again for your time.


You should check the stickies and the massive amount of in-depth articles on this site...




OP If you haven't already check out the threads permanently stickied to the top of the beginners forum.

Post what you do now, as succinctly as possible, regarding lifting and nutrtion and people can make changes.

In the mean time check into 5/3/1, it works for a lot of people. And start drilling it into your head that muscle comes from a caloric surplus from quality food sources.


Fixed that. You only need about 5-7 hours a week training time to make a significant impact on your physique. I spend at least 10 hours a week eating (well, I do when I'm bulking hard), not including the time it takes to prep, cook, and package.


What Bonez and Jay said. Eat. Eat a lot more. Eat til you're full and can't eat another bite..than eat some more. If you just want size, shovel in anything you can that will hit you with a bunch of cals....candy, ice cream, fast food, etc...if you're smart though, you'll do what I wish I had done a lot earlier and never get near that shit and keep it clean...but the eating til you're full and then stuffing more in still applies.


Wish you'd post more. You're one of the few that gives people starting out solid advice to get started on. Jay you're definitely another one.