Gain Back Muscle You JUST Lost?

it could be worse, you could eat minimal calories a day for about 2 weeks, then slowly get your appetite back over the course of several months all the while you aren’t allowed to lift more than 5lbs per hand. my whole body took a dump after the 3 month shit storm of open heart surgery followed by a pace maker implant and the recovery after that. i couldn’t lift heavy for about 5 months straight and i’m just recently able to do heavy chest work (had the surgeries May through June 2010). Aside from my chest, I gained back all my strength and then some within the span of a few months. trust me, you’ll rebound. the human body is amazing.

for someone that has been a member since 07 your stats and lack of knowledge is quite concerning. did you buy the account off a more knowledgeable person who decided to leave the forums?

if your not female maybe your better off looking in the mirror and asking if your progress since 07 has been satisfactory?

tbh you probably haven’t fully recovered yet, I’d say just do what your doing but it may take you until 2020 to reach that judging by your current level of progress.