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Gagging After Eating


I couldn't find anything but blowjob stories when I searched for this, so bear with me if this has been discussed already.

A month or two ago I started having a weird psychological problem with gagging. It usually happens after I've eaten (not necessarily all that much food either) but it can happen at any time, even with an empty stomach in the morning. It's a little hard to explain, but if I start thinking of my stomach being full or of swallowing, I'll often have to fight back gagging. And sometimes I can't fight it back.

This is a problem for me because my gag reflex has always been particularly strong ever since I was a baby, apparently. (I can throw up completely at will.) Because of this, if I gag enough times, I'll throw up right there. Which is obviously a problem, since I'm a skinny fuck and need the food that I just lost throwing up.

As a sidenote, I'm in college and sometimes I have to skew my meals towards the end of the day. I've gone as far as fasting til dinner (which would then actually be breakfast, I guess. haha)
Anyway I get very physically hungry, quite quickly doing this. But I have no desire to eat other than to relieve the pain of the hunger. I've always been rather uninterested in food and taste but this seems a bit beyond the usual. So maybe it's related to the gagging. I don't know.

Anyone been in the same boat? Any ideas to cure or at least manage this? Thanks!


Hmmm... odd. Are you sick of the foods you've been eating?

Do you ever try big, super dense shakes with bananas, PB, olive oil, etc?

Is this confined to all types of food or some things in particular?


Have you seen a doctor?


Like I say, no foods are really particularly appealing to me. It's always been like that, with the possible exception of steak... But given that, I'm not particularly sick of what I eat. The cafeteria mixes it up a lot so that's not really a problem.

I don't have a blender (I'm an impoverished college student...) so I've never tried any shakes actually.

It can happen anytime, even right after waking up with an empty stomach. But there is one big culprit. Hard boiled eggs. Scrambled eggs are fine, fried eggs are great, but starting about a month ago, I cannot get hard boiled eggs down. Especially if they're cold.

There's some foods that seem to be fairly exempt from this. Meat, yogurt, and fruit especially. Though if I fill my stomach up all the way, I may have issues.

I haven't seen a doctor. It doesn't seem like that kind of problem. My digestion is as good as ever, and I'm hungry again quite soon after eating. I just have a slight mental block with my gag reflex...


See your doctor.

Might be neurological, psychological, acid reflux, all kinds of shit.


That sounds pretty serious man and what not try to self treat or diagnose. Get to a doctor for some testing and a professional opinion.


I've got a similar issue that's still in the process of being diagnosed. Don't be surprised if it takes multiple doctor's appointments and diagnostic tests to sort the issue out.

Only thing I've gotten is a lame diagnoses called 'nervous stomach syndrome' i.e. doctor talk for we don't know what the hell is wrong and a prescription to dicyclomine an antispasmodic (calms down smooth muscle) which only helps the symptoms a little. I'll be seeing a doctor again on the 29th.


I kinda have the same thing I am in high school and have been trying to gain weight since eighth grade I went from 155lbs to 215lbs so it worked And I do the gaging think like you do but its usually only when im eating dense foods like peanutbutter or hardboiled eggs and i start thinking about it. I do not know why though


Thanks for all the responses. Good to hear you're getting through it, pink14. That sounds just like me, it's only when I think about it that it happens. You have any advice on distracting yourself so that it doesn't cross your mind?


I feel the same way sometimes. It's tough to force yourself to eat. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.


You said it yourself. You start thinking about stomach and gagging. Its the fear of puking you are worried about which causes anxiety.


pot would probably help


I knew someone that this worked really really well for.


I've been through this. Chicken breast and eggs got me, and it was just like you described. I'd be chewing and if I thought about swallowing, I'd gag immediately. Puked on my plate a couple times.

It went away by itself. Sorry I can't be more help, but I'm pretty sure its just a mental thing. Washing your food down with a little water seems to help.


This sounds like gastric reflux. I diagnose this often.


This happens me a lot as well, especially at those "stalled, got add an extra 300 cals" mile stones, where I had to up my portions. When it seems to be from a certain food, I sub it out for something else (rice making me gag, switch to potatoes) for a few months, usually helps.

But if it's one of those times where it's happening WHENEVER you eat (these are the worst), I have a few solutions. FTR, these are what I, myself have done. I'm not a doctor or anything, so take anything I say as nothing more then a personal anecdote.

1) Eat dirty, just a few days. I always gag when constantly eating bland meals (beef and potatoes, chicken and rice, tuna and rice), but I noticed I never gagged eating a Whopper from BK. Just eat roughly the same macros and cals as you did when eating cleaner, but from some shittier sources. No it sounds dumb, but it gives me a psychological relief I think...

2) I'd say drinking shakes is a good way to do. A blender is pretty cheap, and it's harder to throw up something that down the hatch in matter of seconds.

3) When I wake up in the morning, often times I have to train soon after, so I drink a shake. For some reason, ANY food right when I get up makes me wanna throw up. What seems to help me is, before eating, drink a few glasses of water, and maybe a can of diet soda. I have no idea why it makes it easier, but it does

4) If you have time, do a bit exercise before hand. I can usually put away most of my food for the day those few hours after lifting without an issue

At the end of the day, though, I think it's just one of those issues that, when forcing a lot of food into your body, you gotta deal with.


I've had this exact same problem in the past. Terrible dry heaving on both an empty and full stomach.
Sometimes even when I was talking it would come.

Did full checkups, even had a terrible endoscopy, they didn't find anything.

Went away on its own. To this day, no idea what it was.

I had it on and off as a teen but haven't had it for a while. If I had to guess, I'd wager it was a result of extended force feeding and/or psychosomatic.


Oh, and mine was even worse than yours sounds like.
I even had this gag reflex while training, so sometimes I'd had to quit during sets because I was dry heaving under the bar.

I'm really sorry I can't help you though, I know how terrible it is, it made everything shitty. But like other posters in this topic, it just vanished for no pinpointable reason


Yours sounds a lot like mine except with one difference. Mine gradually went away until it hit a plateau. I can function in life now, but it still impairs daily functioning from time to time and gets much worse with high stress situations.


It's nice to know that other people suffer with this too. I eat a lot of the same foods every single day, and much of it is force feeding. 130# to 200# since high school, and from 190-200# was the biggest hurdle. Sometimes looking at a turkey sandwich makes me gag. I noticed that liquids, even shit like olive oil, won't make me gag. I like Spidey22's first comment about eating things more tasty and attempting to keep the macro balance the same. This definitely works! But its tough when you get into a great eating routine .... finding foods that work for you (and, if you are traveling 75% of the time for work, your options are limited) and having to pick new ones always sucks.