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Gaelic - Log - Bench Press & Occasional Athletics



Hi, my name is Jiří (George) and I like to devote myself to strength training without competitive ambitions. I do not come from English-speaking countries, so I apologize for eventually mistakes in English… All units will be listed in the metric system.

Let me briefly introduce myself:
• Czech Republic
• 22 years
• 185.5 cm / (soon) 100 kg
• current nutrition: Intermittent Fasting
• future nutrition: Ketogenic Diet
• natural

Conventional deadlift - 250 kg (with Toro belt), 5x230 kg (with Toro belt), 6x220 kg (with Toro belt)
Power squat - 220 kg (with Toro belt), 6x180 kg (with Toro belt)
Bench press - 141 kg, 11x100 kg
C-G bench press - 130 kg
Pin press (pins just above the chest) - 137.5 kg, 4x130 kg, 6x120 kg
Rack lockout - 200 kg
Dips (BW) - 200x (overall)

My goals:
Conventional deadlift - 250 kg (done)
Power squat - 220 kg (done)
Bench press - 150 kg (not yet done)

The name of my log contains “bench press” because I want to focus on it in the long term. Bench press is the most entertaining to me because it is biomechanically the easiest and everyone is asking, though I know that due to body composition, he will never be good.
I do not like the classic powerlifting because it is a poor, ungrateful and unattractive sport. Maybe what now I’m writing will sound stupid, but I do not need to train deadlift and squats because I have accomplished my goals on both exercises and I feel no motivation. They are no longer the main exercises for me. They are often replaced by their variants.
I have to say that in terms of training, the most helpful training was written by mentor Boris Sheiko. I very much appreciate Boris Sheiko and I consider him the best power coach in a world that absolutely has no competition in practice and in the IPF federation…Local strength ramps 5/3/1 and 3/2/1 by Thibaudeau did not help me to improve at all, and they meant a loss of precious time for me. My personal opinion is that Christian Thibaudeau did not correctly understand the Russian training methods and misinterprets them (it’s just an opinion that I do not want to offend anyone).
I am currently in the process of preparing for my modified 24-week wave periodization with a focus on the bench press.



Welcome to tnation Jiri, Nice lifts!


For those who have not yet read or did not know about them, I strongly recommend reading them. Great and educational literature for strength training.

  1. Science and Practice of Strength Training by Zatsiorsky & Kraemer
  2. Special Strength Training - Manual for Coaches by Verkhoshansky

PS: With careful search, they are available free on the Internet in PDF format.


Preparation for periodization: 25/11/2017 - 19/1/2018


Week: 1/24
Difficulty: 9/10



I realize that you are specializing in the bench press, but do you do any squatting and deadlifting other than air squats? Just curious. And what is RTE?


I don’t train squat or the conventional deadlift because they slow regeneration and because I’ve achieved my goals. Instead of squats, I’m doing leg press or air squats. Instead of conventional deadlifts, I train any rows (seated row, lat pulldown, BB row, etc.) and pull-ups. And RTE = rope triceps extension.


First week 9/10 difficulty?


@gaelic Nice graphically processed.


Yes, big difficulty. I think was my mistake to create so much difficulty in the first week of this periodization. Man is still learning.


Week: 2/24
Difficulty: 7/10


Comes in guns blazing, I love it. Will be following this log, best of luck to you Jiří. #PraiseBeToSheiko


But be careful if you want to be inspired by my training program or my log. I lost almost 13 kg of body weight (modified intermittent fasting) and grossly underestimated the reduction of the current PR.


Week: 3/24
Difficulty: 7/10

Reasons to end this the training:
• gross underestimation of PR reduction (I lost almost 15 kg of BW thanks modified intermittent fasting)
• inappropriately selected number of reps and sets
• mild fever

I created modified block periodization, which I have detailed in Excel. It will contain three main blocks - the accumulation block (9 months), the transmutation block (2 months) and the realization block (1 month). I will publish more information during tomorrow. The fundamental characteristic will be the observance of Prilepin’s table, which I have known for quite a long time it, but I have always slightly underestimated it.

Yuri Fedorenko - Prep & Comp Cycle - Sheiko

Here are the basic information of my modified block periodization with the focus on the bench press:

The first legend represents the individual color for the percentage of RM. The second legend illustrates the explanation of bold numbers. The third legend explains the main abbreviations of words.

An attentive user notices that I made a minor modification in the Prilepin’s table. Yes, I’ve made a minor percentage modification that fits me in this block periodization.

I had to reduce the PR because, after almost fifteen-kilos of weight loss, my strength was logically lowered, and I don’t want to repeat the past mistake of underestimating the reduction.

(Note: Every week after week, I’ll send a training day screen, including a clear summary. Clear graphs of relative intensity, tonnage and lifts I intend to create over time, so far not so necessary.)

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It looks nice, I will watch


Block: B1 (the accumulation)
Week: 1/36
Difficulty: 7/10

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6x6 with pause is hell :smiley:


You are right, but you often have more demanding parameters in training. :slight_smile:


Will all your bench press training be Competition style Pause, always using your Competition style grip width?