Gaelic Football = Losing Gains Again?

Hi guys,
I’m from Ireland, i play Gaelic football, its the one thing i love more than bodybuilding. Every winter i try to bulk for the summer season and every summer i loose my gains. Originally it was because my gains were small due to not eating properly and then come summer came lots of intense running and less time in the gym.

Anyway, i started at 78kg in september, i was 85kg by xmas and now i’m a little over 93kg. I’m living in the UK right now for college and i return home for june - Sept.

I did no cardio until a month or so ago and now i’m doing 30mins on the bike 2x a week. But come the summer i’ll be playing GAA 3 or 4 times a week and lifting 3 times a week.

My question is if i keep my calories up around 4000 a day, chould it be plausable to keep my muscle gains?

Should i keep lifting heavy? Currently i’m pyramiding from 8or10 down to 1or2 reps for most exercises. Or should i do the basic 3x12 for most exercises?

Here’s a few of my lifts if anyone cares>
DL 160kg x 1
Bench Press 115kg x 1
Squat 120kg x 5
Military 80kg x 5
Bent over row 85kg x 8

I appreciate any comments. Especially from anyone who plays GAA or AFL…

Gaylick football or gayfl!

Sorry mate just had to get that outta the way being a rugby league fan:)

Given the amount of aerobic work you’ll be doing over the season you will definately want to focus on maintaining strength which you should be able to do.

If your smart and can train safely a modified west side approach or starting strength would work 3 days a week or just drop the volume and aim to maintain strength in the 2 - 6 rep range aiming at 3 work sets per exercise, no more than 4 - 6 exercises per workout, 3 - 4 minutes rest between sets. Keep it simple and do some higher volume accessory work if you feel you can handle it.

Have a good season!!

Do some sort of two sessions a week with all compound movements. Keep the calories up. I believe you should be do something similar to the in season programs you can find at Defranco’s website.

What college are you at? I also am across the irish sea studying atm and plan to go back and play in the summer the same way.