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GAC Trenbolone???

OK, so what is the deal with this new
trenbolone product that a certain source
has for sale?

Trenbolone methcarboxylate? Bill, Brock,
what is this?

It’s made by this new supplier called
GAC and I want to know if anyone has
tried it?

Or tested the purity?

75mg/ml in a 20ml vial and it costs $149.
Now I know some of you are going to
say buy a kit and do it that way but I am
not chemically inclined and don’t want to
deal with the hassle of doing the kit thing
to save a few bucks.

I just want to know about this new trenbolone and if it is good or if it sucks.



Monty: I know EXACTLY the source you are talking about. I have someone on the “inside” on this one and he will be getting back to me shortly on whether this is all it is cracked up to be. Either wait for me to get word or go ahead and order…it is up to you but I promise to pass on what I find out just as soon as my guy gives me the scoop.

Racer -

I have someone on the “inside” too and I
can tell you with 100% veracity the following info on GAC and his stuff:

  1. The tren in question is the acetate
    ester (like Fina) and I was told by an independent 3rd party that GAC tren assayed out to 78mg/ml on the nose.

2) The next GAC product is allegedly going to be an oral clenbuterol product, a liquid that has 20mcg (the dose of a single Spiropent tablet) in 1/10th of an ml of liquid and comes in a 100ml bottle (thereby giving 1000 doses on clen). This is what an insider close to GAC told me.

3) I traded e-mails with the source you mentioned and he told me that GAC is also toying with a stanoz and also a primo product for April.

I have not seen GAC's handiwork and so far, it seems to be the stuff of legends.

I have spoken to a few people (BBD,
Chango, etc.) who tell me they have
bottles of this stuff already purchased in
their gyms for a ridiculous amount of
money - $300 per unit. However, all
of these people did mention that this stuff
seems to really be the best bottled tren on
the market right now. BBD said he
gained like 10 pounds off this shit in
10 days and Chango says he got 8 pounds in 8 days. No way they can maintain that
for very long and I have to wonder if
they’re using other stuff but still, they’re
raving about GAC tren.

My thoughts about GAC are that of IP.
I am a little skeptical until proven otherwise.
If that makes me a dick then so be it.

I also would never pay $300 for what
amounts to 40 days worth of tren.
I might consider $149 for that though,
because I feel that is reasonable.

Then again, since I am marketing a kit and GAC is my competition, I am going to tell you to buy my kit and skip GAC altogether :-)

There is one other thing to consider - The sole net source of GAC trenbolone has a sterling rep for being above reproach. It is unlikely he would tarnish his image selling crap. For this reason and this reason alone, I suppose GAC trenbolone has to be somewhat special because there is no way the "King of all sources" is going to risk his rep on a sham product.

If and when I know more, I will post it. -