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GAC Parabolan Analysis

A lot of people have been giving GAC shit about
his Parabolan, most notably, International
Pharmaceuticals and Damian Borleone (who is
a complete lackey and shill for Ttokkyo).
The claims have been that GAC’s Parabolan
contains trenbolone acetate and not trenbolone

Well, I just was at "The King's" web site and he has a scan of an independent analysis of GAC's Para done at a university laboratory that clearly shows that GAC's stuff is indeed, really trenbolone cyclohexymethylcarbonate (Parabolan). I for one am not surprised by this revelation but I wanted to help a brother out and get the word out that his stuff is the real deal.

It's a moot point for most people though because if you're not on MK's list you can't order (and he is not taking new customers) and even if you are, MK is 100% sold out of all GAC's Parabolan :-(


Where is GAC and what does GAC stand for. also where can you aquire their products. I herd D&K is coming out with a Parabolan but I have yet to see it.

It’s been 38 days and i still dont have mine…

21- Read T-mag’s interview with GAC a few issues back.