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Gabourey Sidibe Loves Hot White Boyz!



Hey white guys on T-Nation, you're in luck....she likes you!!!! LMAO!!!!! Any takers on this mammoth of a woman???




Here's how I open up: "Hi, you are hot! What's up with that? Take down these digits!

I think she isn't afraid to get shut down.


She's weighing in at a good 375-500 pounds.



Cant handle all that woman!!!


Only Kai Greene can tame that


So overweight black girls go after the skinny white boys, black men go after the fat white girls...leaving the fit people to mate with one another? Excellent


semi related question: Why is it always "White boys" and "Black guys."

How come people never says "white guys" and "Black boys" when referring to adults???



Blame Foreigner:



Soooo..... do you spend much of your time in gossip sites?


Pretty sure I dont even want to attempt it.


You sure? Perhaps with a reverse band technique or something rigged up?


Hmm...if I use the strong bands from the top of the rack, I can suspend her from them, allowing for a more effective reverse cowgirl set up. Brilliant thinking Ink!


They're having a sale on them at EFS, ya know...



Another great thread HeadHunter! Are you that bored at work, teaching children no less, that you have to start these retarded threads?


And they are always racist and sexist. Hey Dustin love the avi, that is one of my favorite GIF's cracks my ass up.