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Gabapentin for Anxiety/Depression?


I been having some pain in my hands and the doctor prescribed gabapentin. I was reading about it and found that it's used for people with anxiety and some cases of depression...WTF??

Anyone out there have any idea why he would tell me to take this? should I keep taking it?


Nope, but I do think you should ask him and potentially get a second opinion from another doc.


its most likely a muscle relaxer, makes sense


Prescribed for nueropathic pain. If you have questions talk to your doctor. Don't just stop taking it.


Gabapentin is a pretty aggressive neuropathic pain reliever, often prescribed for individuals who have neuropathic pain (direct nerve injury), or chronic pain syndrome characterized by central sensitization (your nervous system is more responsive to the pain stimulus or whatever has happened in the periphery).

Think of this as a top down pain reliever.

Just as a random guess, but is your pain associated with a previous bone injury/fracture, or has there been no clear pathology??


It's something with a nerve. The pain did go away at least.