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While talking with my son last night, he saw my Metabollic Drive Low-Carb out and asked me about it, Told him all about it, and then he said I should be using GABA for night time protein not that stuff,

From what I have read this is a stimulator of the HGH and such, any body have any experience on this stuff, and is it good for a 25 yo (my son) and perhaps me a 47 yo as age does slow down HGH some I also read.

www.bodybuildingforyou.com/supplements-reviews/gaba-information-effects.htm This is the source I found for some data.

Mind you I am not looking at replacing my metabollic drive, Just was wondering abouth this stuff my son mentioned


GABA is a single amino acid. Metabolic Drive is essentially a quality food that gives sustained energy/food. You can take a truck load of Gaba all day long and die of malnurishment as you are getting NO FOOD!!!.

Sure if you like try it some say it helps them sleep but if you are getting enough protein (Metabolic Drive) including prior to bed you are getting GABA. That along with a good Balanced diet and training is going to go Much further then the much touted GABA

Just my 2cc

Ive tried GABA some time ago and it worked for me. The problem is that youre supposed to take it on an empty stomach before you go to bed, which means youd have to omit your pre-bed shake. But then its a potent hgh-booster, some people can even feel its effect, i. e. a slight prickling on the skin, some time after intake.

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Any recommendations on dosage of GABA?

2g min, 15g max & 5g avg. me thinks based on the info. ive found so far.