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GABA Supplementation

Hi coach,

Just finished listening to your podcast with Ben Pakulski; loved it - so much info on neurotransmitters there I think I’ll have to listen to it a second time to take it all in (and you shared some really personal stuff about yourself which was cool; can’t have been easy to open up like that).

My question is regarding GABA supplementation: You mentioned phenibut for increasing GABA levels. Why would you use that over supplementing with GABA itself?


GABA supplementation seems to be hit and miss. Some people/studies show good results, other no effect. I’m looking more and more into it, giving it a second chance

Cool - thanks for the prompt reply. I’ll use phenibut instead.

i like GABA so much when i use it ! i feel good, i feel relax, big problem are so easy to solve and the ‘‘life stress’’ can’t interfer with me. I was taking a scoop of gaba before bed, really help to sleep too. My mood really change !