GABA Questions

Anybody know if GABA has been conclusively shown to stimulate GH production, or not? I’ve seen some casual comments that ‘maybe it does’ etc, but also some doubts that GABA can pass the blood/brain barrier (making it ineffective).

I originally picked it up because it’s supposed to be a sleep aid. But it makes me incredibly tense and anxious for at least an hour (2 gram dose) which is not exactly conducive to falling asleep. The only way I’ve been able to get around that is by mixing it into my last protein drink - but you’re supposed to take it on an empty stomach.

So am I completely wasting my time by taking it with food? And if GABA doesn’t stimulate GH, it’s probably useless for me anyway. Anybody have a conclusive answer? It seemed to help me sleep better, but I’d be willing to chalk that up to the placebo effect. I looked around the web a little, and there’s not much info there, at least that I am able to find (and understand).

Found this for GH:

As for conclusive, I really don’t like that word, as a lot of things can be refuted at later times.

I have also heard that GABA cannot cross the blood brain barrier on it’s own, and for this people use GHB or Pikamilon or that reason, however I have also heard that high doses (5-15g) of GABA do have an effect despite logic, both anecdotal, but may be of use to others who wish to comment on this.