GABA / Glutamine

How do you all feel about these supplements? Worth taking or a waste of money?

I heard that taking 4 g of Glutamine after a workout would raise T-levels by 400 percent… so it would be smart to take some glutamine right after a work out! but please correct me if I’m wrong!!!


Glutamine wouldn’t have such a massive efffect as it is only a simple amino acid, but it does aid in recovery. I myself used it during a long cut cycle during a swim season. I drank it during and after my practices and i went from having trouble walking up stairs to being able to then go to a lacrosse practice the same night. Not a wonderfix but helpful.

I have used GABA myself for about 10 months. I originally started using it to help with anxiety and stress as it has a very noticeable relaxing effect - don’t take it before you work-out!

It’s also helped me with my recovery from workouts. It’s suppose to affect the adrenals so perhaps this is how I’ve benefited from it? Whenever I started to feel ‘burned out’ from a workout (tired, lethargic, can’t think fast or straight and no, I’m not hung over!), I take a dose of GABA and feel much better the next day.

One note, GNC sells it in a 750mg capsule. I don’t really suggest taking it at such a high dose; I’ve felt weird sometimes when I take too much - light-headed, heart beats faster, jittery. It could just be me, but I wanted to mention it. Hope this helps.

I’ve been using GABA and Glutamine for 3 years. Both are very effective supplements as they aide in stimulating muscle growth through increased recovery time and increased free circulating groth hormone levels. I’ve found that taking GABA with Glutamine about 30 minutes before going to bed is the most effective for me. If you train in the morning, it definitely helps you increase strength rather quickly. I would recommend taking Glutamine after workouts, as it also has many more benefits to your immune system other than muscle growth. When suffering from a cold or the flu, glutamine combined with high doses of Vitamin C can help your immune system get over it much quicker. As far as using GABA, don’t take the full dosage at first. Let your body adapt to taking it. Start off with 1 gram for the first day, 2 grams for the second day and so on. Dosages of 3 to 5 grams seem to work best. Usually I put it under my tongue and let it dossolve, it seems to get taken up into the blood stream much faster that way. For the first week or so, you may feel a slight tingling sensation, in your neck, head and limbs, increased heart rate, and shortness of breath. This is normal, so don’t panic. Your body will eventually get used to it and you won’t feel it as much in the long run. For me these feelings usually occur about 15 minutes after taking the GABA and quickly subside. GABA also may have a tendency to make you drowsy, which is another plus if you have trouble sleeping. The reason for taking GABA about 30 minutes before sleeping is that it takes roughly 90 minutes for blood plasma growth hormones to peak after taking GABA, and usually 60 minutes after going to sleep, your body’s natural growth hormones also peak during this time, giving you an even greater boost of blood plasma growth hormone levels. Hope this helps.

so would taking L - glutamine or Glutamine peptide which is better and would taking the powder with seltzer work better for absorbtion? interested in knowing?

Thanks for the info…

Speaking of peptide bonded glutamine… was wondering how any of you feel about peptide bonded versus l- glutamine? I’ve used both extensively and feel that Ive gotten better results with l- glutamine.

Thanks for the advice on Gaba people. I started taking it last week and have certainly noticed the relaxing effects. I think that ZMA/GABA would be a great combination for taking before bedtime.

Mike Mahler