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GABA - Any Use and Still For Sale?


Anyone tried GABA taken before bed to aid sleep and (alegedly) increase GH release?

I believe it's banned in the UK now but it's still possible to get some old stock via mail order, and was wondering if it was worth grabbing some before it's all gone?



Not worth the trouble then. Not eonugh if Any give for the possible Take. IMO


A damn shame when they banned GHB, GBL, GABA and all their cousins. I loved it as a sleep aid. I used to take it after fininshing up my last meal. I'd chill out for a good 30-45 minutes- feel good- and then sleep great. But- then some knucklehead figured out you could use it to date rape women and now it's banned.


Eh I still get Gaba (granted thats here in US) not so bad for me. Try melatonin or valerian root or take like 600mg of magnesium. Those all work well too.


It helped me get to sleep. It'd also make me really drowsy through most of the next day so I stopped taking it after a few days.


An aside....I once had an athlete get his dosing protocol mixed up between his GABA and his creatine....lets just say 5 capsules 5 times daily is 'not' the loading protocol for GABA.