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GA Labs EQ

Has anybody hear of GA Lab EQ 300 20ml???

please don’t list names on here.

Sorry, I thought this was a brand I did not mean to drop any names or anything like that. I had not heard of an EQ that comes in 20mls.

i have heard of GA labs…100% legit

i know ppl who use it…100% legit stuff

can anyone pm me or email me the link for GA Labs?

[quote]1Peregrine wrote:
please don’t list names on here.[/quote]

Isn’t it the mods job to decide that? I only ask because I have wanted to ask straight questions like that and don’t for fear of it “not being cool” But WTF??? If the mods let it through then why shouldn’t he be able to ask questions like that?

I am surprised a name got posted on here, but whatever.

All of their stuff is very good. Please don’t ask for a link or source.


It is everybodies job to keep quiet on certain things. This way we all continue to be able to get gear when we want to get gear.

The mods job is to watch out for the foul and obscene, not the stupid.