G8 Summit Protests/Personality Test

One question : During international summits, like G8 summit in Toronto in June (or Seattle’s 1999 summit from which the above photo is from), when there’s conflict between the cops and protesters, for which side do you have spontaneous endorsement?

Cops. Always have been pro-cops but after the Toronto incidents where a good number of ‘protesters’ where rampaging through the downtown wrecking shit and burning police cars…well fuck those protesters, lets see them protest with a baton up the ass.


^fuck yeah!

You mean G20 Brah, and my answer is neither.

I was hoping the protesters wouldn’t cause mindless destruction to our beautiful downtown area…

And I was also hoping police wouldn’t savagely attack protesters…

Protesters have the right to protest, police have the responsibility of protecting the public. For the most part it’s balanced and it needs to be that way.

As for riots and protests that get out of control where property is damaged and injuries occur, I’ll back the cops all day every day.

Spontaneous reaction would be to side with the cops, mostly because the G8 and G20 meetings consistently attract groups who have violent confrontation in mind.

Of course, my assumption was that you’re asking this question as if I’ve heard there was a conflict between cops and protestors, with no other information given. If not, then I would have to weigh the facts presented.

I’ll back protesters any day, police are just state appointed thugs.


In a situation like these summits where I have no doubt protesters are showing up to break laws and cause damage, I’ll side with the cops on gut reaction.

Protesters. But hey, I went to college in the 70’s, and I’m such a rebel.

well…cops. protesters could make their point much better. any idea what they were protesting anyway?

Cops. I hate the mob mentality and the opportunists who use it to destroy peoples personal property.

I really liked the way Pittsburgh handled it last year.

[quote]HERC410 wrote:
well…cops. protesters could make their point much better. any idea what they were protesting anyway?[/quote]

I dont think anyone will ever know…cant be about pollution…what with all the burning of police cars :wink:

really depends on what is being protested. at g8 i conclude the protesters are wankers because i have no idea what they are actually protesting. for fun maybe? but of anti war rallies/ pro civil rights marches i always favour the protesters.