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Hi guys, I recently started to become interested in powerlifting and after a few months got the following stats:

15 years old
160 pounds
Squat: 225 pounds x 3 (hurts my back too much)
Bench: 165 pounds x 2
Deadlift: 275 pounds x 2
Leg Press: 540 x 8

I live in Maryland so I don’t know if meets or competitions are easier here but just asking about what statline I should aim for if I’m trying to go to meets. Thanks guys!

Addressing your squat issue before you worry about anything else. You shouldn’t be in agony from squatting what you are.


Post a video of your squat, something is wrong if it’s hurting your back. Most likely you aren’t bracing properly (this is very important for not breaking you back, and to improve your squat and deadlift) and maybe your back is rounding (butt wink or similar issue).

Don’t worry about how strong you need to be for your first meet, just make sure that you know the rules and can perform the lifts to competition standards. And open LIGHT.


Hey dude, I am also in high school (17) and 160lbs, and in fact have a training log called high school powerlifter, pretty similar to the thread name lol. There isn’t any minimum strength you need to compete at a powerlifting meet. You get to choose the weights you lift. Make sure you lift to competition standards in the gym. (Squat depth and commands). Also, I’ve never log pressed, but 540lbs x 8 is definitely a world record, maybe you mistyped that. Also, you wouldn’t happen to train at Neversate Athletics, would you? I know it’s a pretty awesome looking gym in Maryland run by youtuber (and tnation forum user) Brian Alshrue. Let me know anything you want help with! People will definitely be able to help your squat become pain free from seeing form videos. Other than that, make sure you’re running a solid program, and you will be super strong by the time you’re my age!

Zydrunas Savickas can only manage 500x1 for a world record, this kid is killing it.

He said leg press by the way. It’s funny though.


Haha that was a perfect demonstration of why I shouldn’t be up at 2:30

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