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G-phage Appetite Killer?

*** I do have B12 amps lying around. More on that later. ***

This Metformin I’ve been taking (1 gm a day split) has hit me so hard that I nearly lost all urge to eat.

I havent had it this bad even during my college hard-hangover mornings when the last thing you’d want to put is some solid food in your mouth.

This is different. You’d get hungry and the moment you start chewing something edible.

Poof! the appetite’s gone.

Now would dosing B12s not be counterproductive since the whole point of doing Glucophage is to clear blood stream glucose by enhancing insulin sensitivity.

Bro, when taking glucophage you will be deficient in vit b12. A major side effect of using metformin is a malabsorption of b12. No using b12 wouldn’t be counterproductive. It would be a good idea to use it.

First of all, why are you using metformin in the first place? Are you in a muscle-gaining phase or are you in a fat-loss phase?

I’ve used metformin in the past and didn’t have any problems with appetite. Been looking into some studies recently looking at how metformin raises shbg levels, which reduces circulating androgens. Avandia might be a much better option for bodybuilders. (Even though recently an article came out saying that avandia users have a 43% greater chance of heart disease. I don’t know how true that is, but we’ll see.