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G.P.P ????'s

i was trying to find an article(s)on GPP training using a wheel barrow for long walks,i know there has been a several louie articles as well as t-mag articles on this subject,my question is at what are the guidelines for training this way ex. time,distance, weight, etc anyinfo would be appreciated or links to the article in question

You can go a short distance & go for more weight, or use a lighter weight & go for distance. Either way, you’ve got to go fast. I think Coach Davies likes 315lb wheelbarrows.

Be sure and read Dave Tate’s T-mag article on the subject too. It’s mostly abotu sled dragging.

Wheelbarrow walks’s are a great weighted GPP medium. Quite obviously it depends on if you have the surrounding’s to do so. The weight you will start with will depend upon numerous factors, such as surface you walk. I start my athletes at 5 minutes walks with roughly modest (i.e. 60%) intensity. With this in mind, you should been starting with a weight that you could maximally walk for approximately 8 minutes. This will be your load that you should start with and gradually build up in a wave-like fashion. Naturally there will be some guess-work with what weight you will start with and this will depend upon factors such as grip/stabilization strength. I hope that assists. In faith, Coach Davies

Go to dave tate’s site, www.elitefts.com. Search the online articles.

How fast is the walk, coach? Closer to a jog or ??? Thanks ED