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G.I. of blended oats

So a long time ago someone told me this and I have never been sure of its validity. . . so maybe someone can verify this for me: what I was told is that one of the reasons that white flour is high on the glycemic index is because it is so finely ground-- as such your stomach acids have access to a lot of facets/surface area on each grainule to facilitate quick digestion. True/way off??
If it is true, does that mean that when I blend my old fashioned oats with my GROW that the G.I. on the meal is higher than if I just heated and ate the oats like normal?
Thanks everyone!

It probably causes a slightly faster/greater rise in blood glucose because it is absorbed slightly faster as it has smaller surface area…but it’s splitting hairs.

I am carb sensitive and with the amount of oats I throw in my LC Grow I definitely don’t get a big spike…LC Grow, oats and fish oil should be an insulin safe meal.

Yes this is true,if they are blended/ground up,the smaller pieces are digested faster,making in into the bloodsteam faster,and there for spike insulin faster thus bringing it up on the G.I. list more then old fashion cooked oats…hope that helped with your situation

If you ask me, this is probably fitting into the minutia category. I’m pretty sure this topic has been discussed in regards to the GI of cooked vs. raw oats, but I doubt there’s a huge difference. Secondly, I believe white flours are so high on the GI due to the obscene amount of processing that goes on, as opposed to the natural cut of raw oats.