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G.I. Lists and Frustration

I’m doing a speech on the Glycemic Index and I’ve been trying to extrapolate data from Dr. Mendosa’s site. The site doen’t make much sense to me. Almost every food on the list rates in the medium category, where the hell are the high GI foods? And I understand why the list is very presice about how foods are named but I guess I just want a user friendly guide. IE: white bread=, wheat bread=, skim milk=, ect…Are their any easy to read GI lists out their?

I would love to find a user friendly guide, too.



Is this what you are looking for?


Click the GI database on the second site…

Thanks peteman, thats exactly the foremat that I was looking for, now if it only had way more foods on it! Vroom, that list is better than Dr. Mendosas because it has a search option, but for instance when you type in “wheat bread” it gives you WAY too many results, good for the medical practitioner, not so good for the T-man looking for generalizations. But thanks anyways. Now, if they’d only start testing everything for the Insulin Index so that we could more accurately choose carbohydrate sources.