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G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra


Arguably the movie most hated by die hard fans, even before its release, is opening this week. I don't think there's been another movie with more anti-hype than this one.

I'm going to see it Friday while hoping there's at least a shred of the original storylines involved. Will I be in the theater by myself?


um, where the fuck is Cobra Commander?


Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes... I think it looks tits.


i was embarassed watching the trailor int he theaters...so retarded


I think he is in it only not with the mask. I am going to see this whether it sucks or not. Everyone thought the first Transformers would suck also and it cleaned up at the box office. Everyone thought Batman Begins would suck as well and it basically rewrote the script on how super hero movies are done.

I'll give it a chance....and if it sucks, I will gladly verbally rip it to shreds.




I saw a picture of an action figure- it shows his disfigured face and he's wearing some kind of deep sea diver's helmet. While I think it looks bad, the actor playing him, Josepth Gordon Leavitt, is fantastic. Hopefully he can make me like the new Cobra Commander.

I'm trying my best to be optimistic, but it's not easy.


Ok, fucked up face with scuba mask is cool, but Destro has no metal face. Come on! That was the cool thing about him. His metal fucking face!


He could wind up with the metal face later in the movie. crosses fingers


Definitely checking this out this weekend, bringing my girl, not bringing her teenage son. (We were talking about it yesterday and he says "The bad guy in the white suit, he runs Cobra, right?" Ugh.)

I read a few things about it. Not to spoil too much about what I've read about how they're handling his history, but at some point in the film, Levitt said he'll be speaking in a voice "somewhat-inspired" by the cartoon. H said he doesn't want it to sound too corny or unbelievable. Cool beans.

And here's a very unofficial pic I found of Cobra Commander in a mask-type-thing with Destro (no mask). Nor really sure where it came from, but I'd be happy if this turned out to be it.


But like Doug said, action figures are already in stores and show him in some kind of funky mask-with-tubes setup.


G.I. Joe has die hard fans? G.I. Joe?

Star Trek has fans. Star Wars, the X-Men, Wolverine. But I don't think anyone holds a torch for G.I. Joe. I liked the show as a kid, but I haven't given a shit about it in 20 years, and I don't think anyone else has either. But regardless of whether or not I have any nostalgia for G.I. Joe, the trailer looks auful, and I wouldn't watch it for anything.


I suppose you didn't like He-Man either? GTFO


I hope they have a G.I. Joe public service announcement at the end of the movie. That would make my day.


"Don't go to sleep smoking a cigarette, kids."
"Now we know."
"And knowing is half the battle! GI JOE!"


Dude, how old are you? GI Joe hooked a whole generation when it came out with that Cobra-la cartoon movie and showed a soldier getting shot (with blood) for the first time that I can remember in an American cartoon. I don't know anyone in the 3rd grade who wasn't a fan.


Utterly brilliant comment. We men don't grow up we just get bigger, and can buy more expensive toys.

I'm looking forward to it. Over here it was called Action Force, but the characters were the same.


Now that is what Cobra Commander and Destro are supposed to look like. The movie will have to kick so much ass to atone for lack of METAL FACES!


I would rather have seen some one like Guillermo Del Toro take this on. Yet with that being so booked and I imagine he wouldn't have touched this movie anyways. Seems from the trailer to they tried to fuckin' hard. Seems like it's just going to be another overly CGI loaded film that will be "ok", but forgotten as quickly as it came.


My friends and I always joked that there were two types of kids, G.I. Joe kids and Lego kids. Lego kids were definitely smarter but nerdier and not as much fun. I think if you ponder back to your childhood you might just agree with me.

As for me... I was definitely leaning toward Legos but I had some good times dividing up my Joes with my friends and trying to have a war, which always led to an argument about who shot who first. Cobra Commander was definitely the shit though.


Oh man, I'd go and see it just to see that part if one of those parts happened