G-Flux Training

I would like to start G-Flux training but I have a few problems.

  1. I have a VERY fast metabolism (I eat about 4000 kcals. a day to maintain a weight of 140 lbs.)
  2. I live with my parents and they think the ammount of food I eat is already rediculous and for me to do the amount of training I want, I’d need about 5-6,000 kcals/day. This would be really hard to without someone helping me design an eating plan.

I am a basketball/football player and I may do track next year as well. I would like to make it to 165 Lbs. before next season starts so basically I’m trying to gain weight WHILE working on speed, and skills in my sports.

If anyone would be willing to help me with designing some sort of eating plan, or you can tell me of a person that would work with me one on one, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks alot.

Berardi has the precision nutrition program. That is probally really worth looking at, as you’ll be able to modify things your way, and won’t be depenant on what other people suggest.

I’m in a similar boat of being an athlete with a fast metabolism. I go to boarding school, and just load up meat onto sandwhiches, eat tons of fruit, drink Surge and other protein powders by Biotest throughout the day, and I have almost gained 20 pounds since september.

Hmmm… Are you honestly taking in that many calories?? You may want to food log for a few days and see if that is correct. If thats the case, heres an easy fix.

On top of whatever you’re eating now, just DRINK a bunch more calories. Think milk…protein shakes…Orange Juice. Also a handful of nuts 3 or 4 times a day and add up to 1000 calories no problem.