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G-Flux Question

I posted this over in the bodybuilding forum but thought i’d try here as well. A while back i came across and article that hinted that increasing calories AND overall exercise volume (g-flux); prior to actually dieting was the best way to rip bodyfat off. Basically get your metabolism screaming then drop the exercise volume and calories. After dieting you would end up end up back at your original healthy maintenance level rather than at a very low calorie intake. Any thoughts? Thanks

This is a bit of a hackneyed topic so don’t expect too many replies. What I would say is that in my experience there is merit to this theory. I’ve adopted some of the principles AFTER dieting in order to try and gain lean mass while minimising fat gain.

The basic premise involves training more frequently and eating more to compensate. The idea is that your body has to adapt to the demands of constant exercise by (a) increasing strength/muscle size; and (b) shedding excess bodyfat to attain maximum efficiency.

I’ve taken my lead from John Berardi, who coined the G-flux term. However, in truth this theory goes back much further than him - a fact Berardi recognises. For example, Vince Gironda advocated training the same muscle group twice per day in short, sharp bursts. A typical Gironda programme has the trainee working out 6 days a week, with 2x25min daily sessions.

Being a natural endomorph, I feel high frequency suits my goals better. Others adopt the opposite approach by working out 3-4 times per week and being as lazy as possible in between times to try and encourage maximum recovery and growth. Both approaches work so it really comes down to body type and goals.