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G-Flux and Increased Carbs?


Hi guys, just completed my version of the Velocity Diet lite and got good results. I want to continue to loose excess fat. I am going anway on a surfing trip and feel this would be the ideal time to eat lots and continue to loose fat as progress may have stalled due to earlier diet. I need to up the cals as will need energy to surf for a few hours a day. Should i up my carbs to increase cals as this may effect fat loss. I am eating lots of healthy fats, veggies and will reintroduce fruit upon completion of the my diet. Thanks guys..

My diet is going to include nuts, fish oil, flaxseed, tuna , steak and other healthy meats.6 meals of these prob only equals about 1200 cals, looking for about 2000 i think for g flux.Thanks guys.


Personally, I would actually plan to overfeed my body if I was going to be surfing for multiple days. I can’t even imagine it any other way.


what are your stats? The point of G-flux is to eat a lot and meeting that with an equalibrium of training so as to get more of the good stuff while keeping fairly lean, or bulk with minimal fat gain.