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G/F Beginning To Work Out


So my G/F wants to begin working out. Now, she is a TOTAL beginner, so I'm figuring that I'll have her start on bodyweight only.

I'm figuring 3 days/week (to start...and to prevent burnout) consisting of:

Bodyweight Squats

Seeing as she is a beginner, I'm figuring to start with a simple 3x10 for each one...in circuit fashion with 1 minute breaks.

This will be for week 1. Not sure how to progress up through the weeks...

ANy help would be greatly appreciated with other exercises and set/rep schemes.


Oh my god, a horizontal push with no horizontal pull. Are you mad?


like what?


Like rows... have her do it on a machine, its easier to get used to the movement. If she seems to be progressing, let her do bent over.


I was hoping to get her started of bodyweight only seeing as she can't even do 5 real pushups...so I was hoping to get her confidence up more b4 getting her into the gym...

less intimidation that way.

...but I suppose that there is no substitute for rows, huh?


If you want her to do bodyweight exercises for a while, you could try having her do inverted rows. Just a thought.


If you are having her do bodyweight only why not get her working towards chins and dips. Those are two of the best in my book. Some sprinting or rowing if you happen to have a rowing machine would be good choices too. And don't forget about burpees. Maybe jumping rope?


WTF?!! She can't do two push-ups but you want to start a routine, where she must do 3 x10 push-ups?

I don't get it...... but hey, thats just me :slight_smile:


If she can't even do 5 pushups I seriously doubt she can do a single chin (unless it's on the gravitron? Or maybe you can assist her on negatives?).


Start her doing push-ups with her hands on a table (30") but with PERFECT FORM.
Squeeze the legs together, quads, butt and abs tight. When she can do 3 x 20 with perfect form, then use 2 chairs (about 18"). Doing any exercise with shitty form 1 million times will never teach you to do it correctly.



Check out "Weights for Women - The Firm Body Guide for Beginners!" over at f-heit.com


There are a lot of good articles there geared towards beginner women. Good luck!


Thanks for all the help and advice.


And to answer this, I was considering letting her do as many correct ones as possible and then letting her do the rest on hands and knees.


Indeed I'll do both the chins and dips and help (but not over-help...I hated being "over helped")


When she hits the gym starting next month, I'll def start her on this.