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FW For Distance


I have a strongman comp. coming up at the end of march, and I was wondering how I should train for the farmers walk. Should I keep increasing my weight used from week to week, while keeping the distance constant or stay with the contest weight, and go for distance?



Do you know what distance and what weight you will be using?



It really depends on how you can handle the contest weight and distance.

For example, I had a contest that had 225 farmers for 50 ft as part of a medley. I prepared using alternated heavy and light weeks. I would do 245 for 50 ft. and 195 for +100 ft. Occasionaly I would take a week off and possibly just do a farmers hold.


Last year they used 150lbs db's, my best is 220 for 100 ft. I can go about 180 with the 150 DB's now. To win I will probily have to go 250-300 ft.