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Fuzzyapple's Log


Body and 1 RM Strength Stats- Aug 23/2011
Weight- 150 lbs
Height- 5'9"
Bench- 215 lbs
Squat- 315 lbs
Dead- 390 lbs (Hit 405lbs 2 months ago, haven't trained dead in a while)
I will update these stats whenever I do 1 RM

Goals- 9 weeks from today to complete
Weight- To weigh 160lbs by Oct 23/11
Squat- To squat 315 lbs for 3 reps by Oct 23/11
Dead- To deadlifts 405 lbs for 3 reps by Oct 23/11
*Bench- To bench press 225 lbs for 2 reps Oct 23/11
*225lbs bench has been my nemesis

5 Day Split (Used for 2 weeks thus far as laid out by KingBeef, like it so far)
Chest/ Upper back/ Rear Delts
Hams/ Traps/ Calves
Triceps/ Biceps
Quads/ Abs
Delts/ Lats/ Calves

-Multi vit.
-6 Fish oils/day
-2 Mag/cal/zinc tabs
-2 Zinc tabs
-4L of water

Monday Aug 22/11

Tried to workout chest, upperback and rear delts but my shoulders where way to fried up and exhausted just after 2 exercises of chest. Ended the workout just after less than half hour being there

Tuesday Aug 23/11
Chest/ Upper Back/ Rear Delts

A)Flat DB Press- 35x15, 45x15, 55x15, 65x12
A)T-Bar Rows- 60x12, 85x13, 105x10, 105x8
B)Incline DB Presses- 45x15, 55x12, 55x10
B)Seated Wide Grip Rows- 95x15, 105x12, 135x12
C)Weighted Dips- 1p x 12, 1p x 12, 1p x 12
C)Face Pulls- 45x12, 60x12, 60x12
D)*Incline Bench Rear Delt Raises- 12.5x12, 12.5x12
D)Standing Crossovers- 50x10, 50x20

Overall much much better workout than yesterday. Was really focusing on contracting my pecs and not my anterior delts. Not one bit did my shoulders get jacked up.

I also moved to a bigger city for school and the gym at first sight was amazing. Lots of weights and lots of Hammer Strength machines. I also had a interview at this gym and may see a job and a free membership there this Friday.

*Do no like the incline bench rear delt raises. Will swap out with band pull aparts.
This week is lighter weight and more emphasis on contraction. Last week was heavy weight. I'll give this sceme a go to see if I like to alternate between them. I have a feel that is why my shoulders where so pumped (or lack of proper warm up).



Aug 24/11-Wednesday
RDLs- bar x 20, 135x10, 225x6, 315x6, 315x5
Lying Leg Cruls- 50x10, 80x12, 82.5x11, 82.5x10
Seated Leg Curls- 105x12, 120x12, 150x10
Shrugs- 135x12, 225x10x3 sets straps,
Seated Calf Raises- 1px12, 2px10, 2px10
Standing Calf Raises- 115x15, 175x10, 155x10, 155x10
Leg Press Calf Raises- 4px10, 5px10, 4px10, 4px10

So my membership was up at the good gym and I decided to check out the school's "gym". I went in looked around for 5 seconds and walked out. They have probably enough equipment to have a good chest workout and that's it. Very little stuff in there. Probably just use that gym for squats, bench, and deadlift sessions.

Overall good workout but finally got a membership at this gym. Again, I hope I get the front desk job at one of the gyms they have here (2) so I don't have to pay monthly. Tomorrow is arms and I look forward to arms now a days. I really like training triceps, feel very strong in them. Calves got a good working today.

First time I deadlifted in a while and loved the feeling of pulling heavy weight.

Diet has been pretty good today. Onto my "fourth" (all different sizes) chicken breast. Once my student loan comes in and I get a job I will buy a little more variety of food and start tracking my diet. So far it's really not great to track. I'm just focusing on getting calories in.


Aug 25/11- Thursday
Machine Precher Curls- 45x25, 45.5x16, 65x12, 65.5x12
Single Arm Press Downs- 30x16/arm, 50x12/arm, 70x10/arm, 60x11/arm
Ez Bar Curls-40x12, 40.5x11, 40.5x10 (Don't think this bar is 25lbs like usual ez bars so I just wrote down the weights added to the bar
Machine Dips 1p+1/4x15, 2px12, Dips- Body x 20, 1px15
Seated Hammer Curls- 35x10x3
*Close Grip Decline Bench Press- 135x10, 155x6, 185x3
Rope Cable Curls- 60x15, 90x12, 110x12

Another good workout intensity wise. Really focusing on biceps contraction in each exercise. The hammer strength dip machine is pretty badass but I rather do dips. Something about the machine I just don't totally like. I really Like the rope curls like done my CT and his "clients" in his videos. Got a good portion of calories in today as well.

For some reason I've been completly restless and can't fall asleep till 2:00am! I'm always setting my wake up time further in the afternoon to get 8 hours sleep. Seeing aas I don't have school or a job yet might as well get as much sleep as I can. Overall, feeling great each time in the gym. If I stay consistant with training and buckel down on food consumption I will be gaining in no time.

Have another interview at this gym tomorrow as well.

*I used to do 225lbs for 3 no problem (and yes never been able to flat bench 225lbs once). I was pretty worn down once I got there. No big deal.