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Fuzzy Eye Sight


After I train, sometimes I have REALLY fuzzy eyesight. This mostly happens at night and doesnt effect me till 15-20min after I workout usually right after I drive home.

It's a strange mixture of seeing spots, and feeling like someone is covering my eyes. It's nothing consistent, but it happens maybe once or twice every two weeks.

Is this foreshadowing of a future problem??


Could be early warning signs of glaucoma. You can get short attacks of it like this before getting a full blown acute glaucoma attack. Usually happens in low light conditions. Get it checked out.


I've felt like my eye sight was a little off immediately following a hard set, but never a delayed effect like this.


Since it only happens infrequently it might be a movement that you are doing in the Gym. Note what your training movements on the days where this happens to you.

Also, you might be consuming something which does not agree with you on those days. Check your supplements....

Hope this goes away soon!



When was the last time you had your blood pressure checked?


Once or twice every 2 weeks is alot. It could possibly be glaucoma. However, it doesn't usually occur at such young age.

Symptoms are:

Bright flashes of light
Black dots floating around

Accute glaucoma is more like a sudden sharp pain, and loss of sight due to the detechment of the retina.

You should really get it checked out.


Spot on, X. You beat me to it.....
Get your blood pressure checked. My wife had the same symptoms during her pregnancy and it was due to blood pressure.


If your blood pressure turns out to be ok, it might be mild hypoglycemia. I had the same issues, especially when doing intense cardio. It turned out that my blood sugar was just very low, which can cause optical issues. Try sipping Surge during your workout.


Is it possible that just being fatigued would cause this?


Actually I wrote down last time in my training log the last time it happened my frequency was off, it was a little less than 4 weeks ago.

I'm going to get it checked out anyway.

At this point I think it might be the combine effects of blood sugar level (i didn't stay very hydrated this last workout) and blood pressure. My mom's side of the family has a family history of problems with those two things.

It only happens after I exert myself a LOT.

I broke a shrug pb (545) for 5 reps, and was super happy so i did some more grip work than normal. And that was nearing the end of my workout.

I had a headache all last night, and woke up with it this morning too. I've just been napping & drinking fluids (hehe even though I'm at work cause I'm smooth like that).

Good looking out guy's... I'm going to get to the doctor's ASAP.

Well back to the paperwork.



Let us know how you get on with the doc.


With regards to the comments about glaucoma, there is a form called pigmentary glaucoma. It stems from an eye condition called pigment dispersion syndrome. I hate to lay a bunch of jargon on all of you, but...

In pigment dispersion, the zonules (like little threds)that hold the eyes' lens capsule in place, rub against the back side of the iris (colored part), releasing pigment into the chamber between the iris and the cornea. This pigment can clog up a structure in the eye (trabecular meshwork) where the aqueous fluid drains. If this angle gets blocked, up goes the pressure in the eye. Thus the name of pigmentary glaucoma. It causes temporary spikes in pressure. It's not uncommon to have the symptoms manifest during intense physical activity. The activity gets the pigment all stirred up.

I do have some patients with this. It is not the typical age-related glaucoma most are familiar with. It can and does happen in younger poeple. I'm not saying that you definitely have this, but I'd see an optometrist to at least rule this out. Good luck.


I get fuzzy vision or a feeling of tunnel vision after work-outs too, but it seems to come and go with the general exhaustion, so although it has once or twice struck me as a little strong, I don't worry about it much.

Good luck to you; what's happening to you sounds scarier.


You all seriously kick ass, thank you for the help!


Your momma alwase said you'd go blind....



funny thats the first thing i thought of...


Of course I would go see a doctor and I am no expert but I was wondering if you hold your breath at all when doing gripwork. I know some people really concentrate on gripping as strong as they can and end up holding their breath, which could elevate your blood pressure too much, possibly affecting your vision. Just a thought.