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Just wondering if anybody has tried Fuzu?. I ordered some and tried it at 2 caps by 3 times a day stacked with avena sativa with decent results,about the same as Tribestan but a lot cheaper but it has a strong smell to it,I first noticed it when I would take a leak you could smell it real bad and then one day my wife told me that she smells a weird smell in my hair and on my skin, so I got the bottle out and let her smell it and she said that was it.So I cut the dose down to 3 a day with 9 tribex divided into 3 doses and you could still smell it but not quite so bad. If you open a bottle of Tribex and smell it’ about 4 or 5 times as bad. It seems to be decent supplement bar the smell but I think I will stick with Tribex, been using it for over a year with no complaints and I have"nt used the new version yet.

It’s the Fenugreek that smells. I took a fenugreek supplement for awhile to stimulate my appetite (BTW it worked wonders). Anyway, I could smell it in my urine and my sweat pretty strongly. I don’t know, I don’t really mind the smell, its kind of like maple syrup.
I think this product would be good when try ing to gain weight, because my experience with fenugreek was definitely positive. On a side note, does anyone else find that flax oil makes your sweat smell like grass??? I always thought that was a little weird…

Joe…your 100% right about the flax oil. When I was on fast fat, I used it, and in my martial arts classes people were always looking at me once I started to sweat…that stuff is worse than garlic!