Future Terrorism in the US?

And true, we did prop up the shaw of iran but big deal the arabs took him out like they should have. They might even take out the new guy in iraq even though the afghanistan leader seems to have inherited a more stable country. But seriously, its the arabs that have messed up their own countries w/ their islamic fundamentalism and dumb economic policies. Even though i think women would look better in just a burkha i dont think its a good idea.

Got a burkha ?

[quote]Vash wrote:
I’m still put off by “homeland security.” I much prefer “national security.” Doesn’t sound so . . . grim.[/quote]

Homeland is bad, but at least it isn’t the Fatherland.

[quote]Marmadogg wrote:
Statisically, you are more likely to die from falling off a ladder than dying in a terrorist attack.

T-Men don’t let this stuff enter their brains.


Statistically you are more likely to die from cancer than be raped and murdered by a pedophile.

Should we ignore the pedophiles just because it is unlikely to happen to us?

How can people be so dense? The statistics statement merely means that it should be paid an appropriate amount of mindshare in peoples daily list of fears.

They, the public, obviously needs to go on about their daily lives, just like they do with all the other items quoted in some insane attempt to make a rebuttal.