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Future Supermboy/man?


Unbelievable... i wish i had his genetic condition! The futre My Olympia or World's strongest man?


Either that or he'll despise all things strength by about 10.



Neither, youth burn out. Happens to a lot of young athletes, he'll start smoking crack like Mickey Ward's Brother.


Richard Sandrak 2.0


Wait holy shit those were boys! I could not tell from the preview thumbnail. I was thinking, "Hm.. I wonder if that chick grows up to be a looker.." and then OH GOD IT HAS A DICK OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE I CAUGHT THE GHEY



The fucker who edited the first video. There were so many cuts in the first 26 seconds I got a headache and had to swing away from the tv.

The fucker who thought "disabling embedding" was a good idea. Fuck that fucking fucker.

Fuck the video,too. I think my eyes had a seizure.


long hair
high pitch voice

I'd still hit it





Sandrak was truly a specimen. Not only did he have great definition and strength, he also had the flexibility of a rhytmic gymnast along with it. Shows how a grown man can look up to a child in some ways.


F that kid. I have way more LBM


More like the future Todd Marinovich of 15 minute Internet sensations.