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Future Sailor Here Asking for Work-Out Advice!

Hey Brother’s and Sister’s! It’s been a long time since I came onto these forums. I never stopped checking the site or reading the articles or putting some of the programs I found here into use, but I did stop checking the forums… my bad… last time I was here I was starting the Velocity diet I think I finished three quarters of it? That was a few years ago and I really can’t remember all of it. I do remember though that all my friends thought I was crazy every time I explained to someone that I wasn’t eating solid food anymore hahahahah Man that was a fun diet!

But that was a long time ago…

Today is a new day and I’m asking for some very different advice.

So I enlisted in the Navy. My rate is Aviation Electronics. My leave date is January 15th. I don’t really need to be a monster for that rate or even be that hard really, but as I’m sure you can guess I went that rate to have a good job and good qualifications for future jobs when I get out.

What I’m here for is advice on how to get lean and mean. As Thin as possible while still being able to maintain my endurance and strength. I’m not looking to get veiny or starve I just no longer have the goal of getting huge. I had that goal when I was younger, but it had a lot to do with male ego and just being a little too superficial. Not to say that anyone with those goals is doing it for superficial reasons, I was strictly speaking for myself.

So I’ve got roughly 70 some days to get in the best shape I can and I would love to get some advice from some of you because I know that a lot of you… ah fuck it… let’s get real… most of you have more experience with this than I do!

So I started two days ago and I’m trying to incorporate every muscle in my body into my training. My experience over the years with lifting has taught me this: I have great genes in my quads and arms but I have shit genes in my calfs and decent genes in my back so long as I activate them properly.

As of right now I’m thinking I’d go five days of lifting with two days rest on weekends. An “A” week of low eight but high reps to focus on form and endurance followed by a “B” week of high weight and low reps to focus on strength and speed. I’ll try to do a solo ab workout at least three times every week. I’m a runner by nature my “brothers” and I just completed a 17.5 mile trail run at Big South Fork here in Tennessee just a month ago, so running on a daily basis is already a given. I was thinking distance runs during “A” weeks and sprints during “B” weeks.

here is my workouts from my first two days this week:

First draft of an “A” week…

-2 mile jog with the dog first thing in the morning just to warm up
-15 minutes active stretching to continue warming up/practice movements of any lifts I’m doing
-8 minute abs (Yes, this shit is old… give me something new to do please! hahahaha)
-3 cycles, 5 movements… 20 curls
20 shoulder press
15 lateral raises
25 push-ups
40 shrugs
Weight right now is at 15 pounds
At the end of the workout cool-down with 15 minutes of cold-stretching
This is primarily an arm and shoulder day…

2nd example is of a Back and Leg day! and I already feel like I need to up the weight because my legs are no where near soar enough for today’s workout to be legit…

4 Cycles, 5 movements again
Jog and stretching/abs are the same
Movements as follows…
20 Front Squats
20 Dead Lift
10 Jump Squats
30 Calf Raises
20 Bent Over Rows
Weight is again 15 pounds…

Okay so this is obviously a work in progress and that is again why I am here. I am a layman and you people are more experienced than I am and more experienced!

My workout gear is extremely limited because my budget is again extremely limited. I have one pair of adjustable 25 pound dumb-bells. I have one pair of non-adjustable 55 pound dumb-bells that I can do only a few movements with but I can clean press them, just not too often hahaha…

My diet is also very limited because of my budget. I know you can eat healthy on the cheap I just haven’t done it in awhile. I primarily eat loads of oatmeal, Ramin… noodles… yeah scold me… and what’s left of a large jug of protein powder. I try to eat vegetables whenever they are available and pasta as much as possible but I’d doubt if I am getting over 3000 calories a day now.

I am 6’0 and currently weight 177 pounds naked as the day I was born. Measurements will be posted as soon as I find some tape. I do have a free membership to my local YMCA thanks to the Navy! And I plan on using is as much as possible until I ship out!

Thank you to anyone and everyone who takes the time to read this and even more so to anyone and everyone who takes the time to slap me when I’m doing something wrong and tells me how to do it correctly! You all have a wonderful night!

The attached picture is of me and my brothers after our race at Big South Fork! I finished shortly after 3 hours not to bad for my first run of that nature the guy in the middle finished 2 hours and 51 minutes and the last guy finished immediately after the one in the middle. That last guy by the way is also going into the Navy with the rate of Navy Diver, I’ve known him awhile so I try to make it a point to try and keep up with him hahaha key word… try

Honestly, make sure you practice all the events that are on the navy prt test. Once you go to basic, or whatever they call it, nobody gives a crap what you can squat or how lean you are, assuming you pass body fat standards. They care about how well you test.

I’d put all those test exercises into the “most important” category and then wait until after basic to go back into an overall strength program. 70 days of unbalanced training isn’t going to kill you.

Also, tell your buddy who’s planning on being a diver to practice doing pullups like crazy. From what I’ve been told that’s what gets the most guys in trouble during diver training.

Yeah we do all that stuff my roommate has been doing weekly Physical Training Tests for months now he’s the only one out of all the Spec Op guys he trains with that has yet to fail one. It involves Push-ups, Sit-ups, Pull-ups, Running, and Swimming.

I train that stuff to although me not being Spec Op, my requirements are much lower then his. I can already easily pass the requirements that will be set for me. I might be a little over confident but I’m not too worried about Navy basic since I’m not going to be in the 800 division which is all the Spec Op rated guys. They have much more intense physical requirements. I already met and can pass all the measurements/body-fat requirements set for me by the Navy. I’m just looking to get more fit and have fun before I leave, but thank you for the advice! I will gladly take it!

I’ll make sure to incorporate pull-ups on my back days, and the Navy has a specific way they do sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups I make sure to do them to their standard when I train those movements.