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Future Para-TRaining Protocols Article/Chart


With a lot of the latest developments in optimal para-training supplementation, are you and/or any or Biotest’s other resident experts planning on conglomerating many of the most effective protocols for various goals and circumstances? It would be excellent to see a definitive resource, so to speak, on how to best use the developing trends in para-training nutrition depending upon what is trying to be accomplished.

Something covering

aesthetic goals: physique maintenance, maximum muscle gain, muscle gain with minimal fat accumulation, maximum fat loss, physique contest preparation, etc.

performance goals: strength sports, endurance events, anaerobic-dominant sports

session type: general variations based upon the mix of session intensity and total volume

energy systems training: low intensity, high intensity aerobic steady-state, high intensity aerobic intervals, high intensity anaerobic training, short sprints, etc.

special considerations: insulin resistance, diabetes, etc.

Obviously you and all of the other authors will be supremely busy as it is, so this is likely something for further down the road, if ever. But it would be very helpful to see future work that maps out how all of the many different folks who use Biotest products would be able to maximally benefit from the products for each type of goal and event. Plus it would eventually save some time, since we would be directed to consult the chart rather than firing that many more questions your way.

In any event, thank you for reading my message and for being such a wonderful resource for us. You’re a world-class coach, a class act, and an all-around great guy, so it is a plesure to learn from you.

That would obviously be a very important article, and I will get to it in the future.
However I am currently still in the experimentation stage. YES I have seen amazing results so far, and I’m pretty darn close to having this down. But we are still doing some tweaking and fine-tuning.

There was a good article on “stacks” defined by goals on here awhile back. Obviously knowledge, research & available supplements have evolved since then, perhaps T-Nation should re-write it anually with the current para-protocols